Xenos, the stranger, the foreigner, me to all of the others, all of the others to me, me to me and you to you – here, these writings celebrate the art of exploration of Otherness in us that in turn celebrates the intertwining of our beings.

“When you set sail for Ithaca

wish for the road to be long,

full of adventures, full of knowledge.”

C.P. Cavafy

The entries below are by Giacomo B. Contri, MD

Giacomo B. Contri, MD is a philosopher and psychoanalyst, the founder and current President of the Società Amici del Pensiero ‘Sigmund Freud’ (Milan, Italy). He is the most important scholar of Lacan in Italy and has translated in Italian Lacan’s Écrits (J. Lacan, Scritti, Einaudi: Torino, 1974).


All analyses encounter an early debate on the sexes, which already resulted in an inconclusive and contradictory way…

BY MEANS – The Realm of Appointments

There are nothing but means. Means come before subjects: if the means are subjects then they are partners. Partners are the means able to result (“goal”) in a production of wealth.


Thinking is feminine because it can be fertilized (by an external means):
to this, an objection later arises.


For decades, Science has been living in the penumbra of a meager public life of celebrations with its practitioners recognized as authors, their works officially referenced, and its fields recognized as substantive.


The sexes seem to be in quarantine too (apart from the quarantine of the digital):

Even they have Covid, but this has been true since ancient times.

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