Welcome to Rose Hill Psychological Services P.C.

RHPS (Rose Hill Psychological Services, P.C.) is an award winning community based mental health center that is dedicated to providing high quality psychotherapy and psychiatry at affordable rates. We help people feel more confident about themselves, motivated to take control over their lives and to make the changes they want to make. Call (718) 220-8691

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Getting started, the first steps are always the hardest.

If it seems that we might be the right place for you to seek help, we will set up an initial appointment for you to come in to tell us about yourself and the types of concerns you have. Once we have a better sense of you as an individual, we will pick a member of our team who will be able to work with you on your problems. If you think that we might be able to help you, just give us a call to explore what we can do for you.

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We can help

We work best with people who want to change their lives but feel stuck, confused, even paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Providing treatment for depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, stress, confusion over career goals, difficulties in relationships, family trouble, eating disorders, gender conflicts, addictions and severe psychopathology. As well as individual treatment for couples and families.

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Who we are

We are Licensed Psychologists & Psychiatrists servicing the Rose Hill area of the Bronx, the West Side of Manhattan, and Northern Westchester County, bringing over 40 years of experience & reputation.

Our philosophy

Our general philosophy is to attend to each individual as unique and multifaceted and to provide each person with individually tailored treatment based on his or her specific needs and desires.

We care first

Empathy and appreciation for the client's unique struggle are the key factors for our work. Clients can be honest with themselves when they sense that their therapist can feel their distress from inside.

Listen & understand

Clients feel understood when they are appreciated as a whole, and not a symptom or clinical diagnosis. We pay attention to culture & upbringing since it has significant impact on who they are today

Manhattan: 646 895-9579 | Bronx: 718 220-8691 | Lake Mohegan: 914 528-1969

Contact us for a confidential appointment for flexible hours, numerous major insurance plans and sliding scale fee policy.